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Originality and attention to detail is our forte. Our team helps our clients create projects that are a combination of creativity, strategy and design. At Strategywerks, our team believes in building a strong bond with you so that your experience with us is comfortable and fulfills your needs.

Every team member works on these values
  • We Are Excellent ListenersWe Are Excellent Listeners
  • Our Passion is Our StrengthOur Passion is Our Strength
  • Integrity Comes FirstIntegrity Comes First
  • Respect for Clients and ColleaguesRespect for Clients and Colleagues

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Our team includes creators ,inventors and thinkers who never stop learning, innovating and experimenting with new technologies. They bring all this to life by creating innovative web products that help us form a connection with our clients.

Shushant Goyal
Co-Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for handling operations such as finance and delivery, Shushant Goyal leads key projects at Strategywerks. He is a patient person and creating innovative solutions is his forte!

Paras Arora
Co-Chief Executive Officer

With years of experience in the industry, Paras Arora is in charge of digital transformation, finance, and back-office operations at Strategywerks. His problem-solving skills and compassion help him understand a client’s needs better.

Joshua Bolin
Co-Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur and founder of startup studio Garage Labs, Joshua was often frustrated by the lack of talent and commitment he found from developers. Hearing from other startup founders with similar experiences— he and his co-founders set out to build a development shop that could handle the entire business building process.

Paras Mogla
Project Manager

By all means, Paras Mogla specializes in making our customers happy. Working as a Project manager at Strategywerks is good at building bonds and organizing projects. Due to these skills, all our projects are completed effectively and on time.

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