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We are committed to building a work culture that treats everyone equally with respect and brings the best out of you. Brace yourselves for the personal and professional growth you are just about to experience with Strategywerks!


We are always eager to hear from talented and dedicated people who think out of the box! If you think you fit the bill, check out our open positions.

  • Full Stack DeveloperGurgaon

    Complete knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies such as MEAN, MERN, .Net, and Python. Minimum 3 years of experience required.

  • WordPress DeveloperGurgaon

    Experience in building apps and front end websites using standard industry practices. Deep understanding of Javascript, HTML5, PHP and CSS. 3-4 experience in the industry as a WordPress developer is necessary.

  • Web DesignerGurgaon

    We are looking for a web designer who has 3-4 years of experience in Javascript, CSS and HTML. In-Depth knowledge about all the phases of the designing process. Should have experience in designing user flow, prototypes, wireframes and user states for digital products. Proficiency in using design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Creative Cloud is mandatory. Designers should be able to create web designs that are neat and visually appealing.

  • Human ResourcesGurgaon

    HR with good communication skills and at least 3-4 years experience in recruitments. Should have complete knowledge of HR policies, labour laws and payroll handling. Capable of handling employee engagement and should be able to design, develop and implement necessary training and induction procedures.

  • Quality AssuranceGurgaon

    3+ years of experience in performing routine quality checks and other analysis. Implementing and adhering to standard quality assurance policies. Documentation of audit reports and QA activities.

  • Project ManagerGurgaon

    End to end management of projects including client interaction, planning, troubleshooting and delivery.Should have technical experience in handling mobile app and web projects. Good communication skills with at least 3-4 years of experience as a project manager in a B2B company.


Our employees love working at Strategywerks! Here is what they have to say about the company and their experience working here.

Paras Mogla
Paras Mogla

Project Manager


I have been working for Strategywerks for almost a year now. I love my job! The company has given me many opportunities to grow and enhance my skill set.The management is courteous and I share a great bond with my coworkers. I am currently enjoying my tenure here and would like to continue working here for many more years.




There is never a dull day at Strategywerks! The company has given me an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. The work hours are great and I have a lot of time to enhance my skill set and relax. I am happy to be a part of this brilliant team!

Perks and

Content employees make a successful company. From your health support to your financial growth, we are here to support you! To ensure that our team is happy, we offer various perks and benefits which include:

  • Paid sick leaves

    We care about you and your health. Whether you are feeling under the weather or have a medical emergency, we’ve got you covered with 12 sick leaves that are paid!

  • Recognition and Rewards

    Hard work and dedication never goes unappreciated at Strategywerks, As a token of appreciation for your work, we reward you regularly with a token of our appreciation.

  • Team Get Togethers and Parties

    We believe that a team that bonds well, achieves more! Strengthen your bond with your team by joining us at parties, lunches and trips.

  • Work-Life Balance

    At Strategywerks, life is awesome! We make sure that apart from work, you have enough time for your family and other activities.

  • Yearly Bonus

    To make you a part of the company’s growth and success, we give you an annual performance-based bonus.


We Are An International Software Development Firm Located in Two Countries

Being multi-locational gives us an advantage of a better global network. Our headquarters are located in the USA.

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